A blend of nature and Adventure: A trip to Mt.Abu, Rajasthan

Interested in a cold breeze hilly town, look no further. Mount Abu is the best destination for you. Mount Abu is a city for picturesque architecture, old temples, wildlife sanctuary and more. It’s a hill station in the Aravalli range of Rajasthan state in western India and it’s the only hill station in Rajasthan. Hills have been the place where the heart feels like returning over and over again. The rolling green carpet of grass and it’s cool atmosphere makes it a major tourist destination in the state. Here you find the virgin beauty of mother nature and green-carpeted hills which allure one into its beauty. The place has a number of spots to explore with lakes, temples and is a reservoir of natural beauty. Mount Abu has become the go-to destination of travelers from all over the world because of the versatility of places it has to offer.

Major tourist spots in Mount Abu

1) Dilwara Jain Temples

Located about two and a half kilometers away from Mount Abu, this is the most beautiful pilgrimage center for Jains. These temples are known for their wonderful architecture. The superb carvings of marble over the walls are giving a visual treat to every architecture enthusiast. The temple is a tourist’s paradise and a meditative sanctum for the devotees.


2) Nakki Lake

Named as the love lake of Mount Abu, A popular boating spot for all kinds of travelers. It’s the first man-made lake in India with a depth of about 11,000 meters. Boating on the Nakki lake enables visitors to have a close look at the green pastures that inhabits the surrounding rock capped mountains.


3) Sunset Point

This Place is a well-known destination to catch a colorful, awe-inspiring sunset. This is one of the most visited places for all the tourists coming to Mount Abu. The Places have breathtaking views of the mountain ranges and have an array of spectacular sights to offer. It’s comfortable to visit this place all throughout the year and especially in the months of summer.

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