The best time to visit Bali – 2019

The best time to visit Bali

The Indonesian Island of Bali is known for its beautiful mountains, beaches, rice paddy fields, and coral reefs. The beach glamour of Kuta with its swinging bars and the idyllic resorts of Sanur all have their own appeal. Then there are inspirational places like Ubud which have been filmed in popular movies like Eat Pray Love. Bali is all about nature, yoga, spirituality and the magnificence of terrain….one visit is not enough to appreciate its beauty.

best time to visit Bali


Weather in Bali

Weather in Bali

Bali is located some 8 degrees south from the equator and therefore you can expect humid, warm and tropical climate all throughout the year. There are two main seasons in Bali; Dry Season and Rainy Season. However, the central mountains and volcanoes of Bali have pretty high altitude i.e. up to 3000 feet in total elevation. Temperatures are much cooler in the mountainous and volcanic zones. These areas also experience more rains than coastal Bali. Rainy season happens from November to March while April to October sees dryer months. In the rainy season, there are about 4 hours of rainfall but plenty of intermittent sunshine too. There is high temperature all throughout the year but it’s the hottest from October to March when the daily climate is around 27-degree centigrade. June to September the daily average temperature is around 26-degree centigrade. The rainy season there is a lot of uncomfortable heat and lots of humidity. However, the beautiful seas around Bali are comfortable enough to swim in all throughout the year.

Visiting Bali in Peak Season

Bali in Peak Season

High season in Bali is during the months of July and August. Easter holidays fall around this time so Bali is flooded with people who are looking forward to enjoying their vacations in its pristine beauty. Christmas and New Year time i.e. mid-December to the first week of January is a busy time for Bali due to the same reasons. Best time to travel to Bali and enjoy its beaches is between Junes to September when the weather is sunny and there is a lovely breeze blowing around. Sometimes there are lovely showers but these mostly happen after sunset.

Nyepi the traditional Balinese Day of Silence is a popular event in Bali…it falls on the day of Hindu New Year. Holi is also a popular festival and so is Hari Merdeka (Indonesia’s Independence Day). The Bali Arts Festival is a popular time to visit Bali…it’s a month-long fest that begins on the second Saturday of June and runs to mid-July

Visiting Bali in Off-Season

best time to visit Bali

May and October are good months to visit Bali if you want to avoid the offseason. They are near the rainy season but not a part of it and there is still lots of suns. If you are traveling in offseason to Bali then go with a good tour operator who can provide a suitable tour package that combines all the top attractions of Bali and offers them in an affordable range in a great hotel. Skyway Tour partners with the best hotels in Bali and offers a fantastic range of activities that will ensure that you enjoy your Bali holiday to the fullest.

The advantage of visiting Bali in low season is that there will be fewer people in popular places like Ubud and attractions like Elephant Cave will be empty enough for you to admire in peace.


Bali is suitable for short holidays as well as long languorous vacations. Choose one of the skyway Bali tour that combines affordability and adventure in one shot. They have an excellent 3 night 4 day Bali tour that focuses both on volcano exploration and water sports only for around 8000 INR per person.

Skyway Tour also guides guests about travel essentials, information, and tips that help in creating a smoother holiday experience.


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