Famous Places to visit in Agra

The second city of the Golden Triangle’s is the most famous one which holds the greatest reverence. And this might be the first thing that brought you to India. One of the World’s Seven Wonders, the Taj Mahal is as mesmerizing in its beauty as it is significant to our heritage. A detailed mark made by one of the most prominent empires ever to rule this land, the Mughal Empire, on the pages of our history. This impressive expression of love and loss is followed by the Agra fort, and if the Taj is symbolic of love, then this fort reflects the tumultuous relationship between Shah Jahan and his brother, Aurangzeb. The latter is said to have held the former prisoner here, where Shah Jahan spent the rest of his days gazing at the tomb of his mother.

Agra Fort

Although overshadowed by theTaj Mahal, one can easily forget that Agra has one of India’s finest Mughal forts. Walking through the courtyard of this palatial red-sandstone and marble fortress, your astonishment is rising as the size of what was built here begins to sink in. The fort was primarily built as a military structure, but it was converted into a palace by Shah Jahan.

Initially the Yamuna River flowed along the fort’s straight east side, and here the emperors had their own bathing ghats. It includes a labyrinth of buildings that form a city within a city, including vast underground parts, while Nadir Shah, the Marathas, the Jats, and finally the British, who used the fort as a garrison, demolished many of the structures over the years.


Fatehpur Sikri

This magnificent ancient fortified city, 40 km west of Agra, was the short-lived capital of the Mughal Empire during Emperor Akbar’s reign between 1572 and 1585. The city was an Indo-Islamic masterpiece, but built shortly after Akbar’s death in an area that reportedly suffered from water shortages and was thus abandoned. The buildings of the palace are situated next to the Jama Masjid mosque. Both are located on a hill between Fatehpur and Sikri. The palace walls of red-sandstone are past sunset at their most dramatic and photogenic.

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