Leh-Ladakh tour package

Tips to plan your Leh Ladakh Tour

Leh-Ladakh is an exotic wonderland far away from the chaos and crowds of the city. The virgin beauty of
Leh-Ladakh is simply soul-exhilarating. The region of Leh-Ladakh seems to rest on the crest of the world
tucked away in the lap of dramatic mountains and out of the reach of life’s angst & anxieties.

Leh-Ladakh tour package
If you are a true-blue Bangalorean used to the fast-paced, hi-tech life of the Silicon Valley of India, it is
much needed that you take a break from your busy life and set out to explore this exotic Buddhist
kingdom…a Leh Ladakh trip from Bangalore is the best way to unwind and rejuvenate yourself amid
mesmerizing natural beauty…if you are planning to embark on the Leh Ladakh tour soon, here are some
best tips to help you plan your Leh Ladakh tour aptly.

Leh Ladakh trip from Bangalore

Read on:
Your fitness counts
Leh-Ladakh has a rugged terrain. It is high altitude ‘cold desert’ with lots of craggy peaks and steep
slopes. The terrain of Leh-Ladakh will test your endurance & physical fitness each moment. So, make
sure you are fit enough. Try preparing yourself days ahead of the trip. Do strength training workouts to
boost your physical fitness. Take your vitamins daily and get a fitness certificate from your doctor.
Best time to travel

best time to travel Leh-Ladakh
When you are opting for Leh Ladakh Tour Packages from Bangalore you have to keep in mind the best
time to travel. The best time to travel to Leh Ladakh is the summer months spanning between months
April and July. During that time, the weather remains more or less pleasant. Never plan your trip in the
winter season; i.e. between months October and March as it is highly dangerous to travel during the
winters and even impossible too as the region will be under thick layers of snow during the winters.
Packing essentials
Leh-Ladakh is a high altitude place cradled in the laps of the Himalayas. Once, you have reached the
place you cannot come back easily to take the things you have forgotten while packing. So, here’s a
checklist that would let you pack all your essentials for the Leh-Ladakh Trip without any mistake…Things
to pack may be listed as follows:
● Medical kit
Don’t forget your medical kit. Falls, minor cuts and wounds are very much a possibility when you are
trekking across rugged terrain. Apart from your regular medicines other items that should find a place in
the kit are Aspirin/Disprin, Antiseptic liquids, Antiseptic ointment, pain relief medicine, hot water bag,
stomach ache, and headache medicine, gauze, Band-Aid, cotton, Nasal drop, inhaler, Diamox, Imodium
● Clothing
Light woolens, heavy woolens, jeans, jackets, track pants, thermal vests, windcheaters, and raincoats are
a must.
● Toiletry

Toiletry items that should go into your travel bag include cosmetics like lip balm, thick moisturizing skin
cream, sunscreen cream/lotion, and then items like tissue paper (both wet and dry tissue), toothbrush &
toothpaste, paper soap, comb, hair oil.
● Eatables
Glucose, nuts, chocolates are a must as these are instant energy givers. Dry bread, biscuits, granola
bars, pasta, noodles, dry fruit laddoos, etc should be packed as well as these carbs can easily replenish the
lost stock of energy. Never pack anything too oily or spicy. Stomach upsets in a barren high altitude
desert could lead to lots of inconveniences.
● Drinkables
Never pack in alcohol. Drinking can be dangerous in Leh Ladakh. What you do need to pack in is bottles
of water…drinkable mineral water. Water in the region is highly polluted. So, you need to carry your
drinking water.
● Accessories
Accessories that need to be packed are goggles, high boots, gloves, waterproof jackets, caps, and
● Documents
You cannot do without certain documents when you are in Leh-Ladakh, The must-carry documents are
photo id proof and 2-3 copy Xerox of that proof, papers of your medical insurance, a good number of
memory cards for your phone and camera, a pocket diary with all vital contacts, Map of Leh-Ladakh
● Cash
Don’t forget to carry enough cash. Nowhere in Leh-Ladakh will they accept credit cards. There are few
ATM counters in Leh where you can withdraw cash through your plastic money; i.e. Debit card.
● Other necessities
Other necessities you need to keep in your travel bag are extra camera battery, pocket knife, phone
charger, extra bag (for accommodating products you have shopped), rope, candles, matchboxes,
torchlight and extra cells, a sleeping bag.
Leh-Ladakh is located in the remote northernmost corners of the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is
a high altitude desert with fierce and unpredictable climatic conditions. Thus, you cannot expect to find
luxury hotels & resorts in the region. However, in the town of Leh, there’s one luxury hotel called Grand
Dragon. Besides, Grand Dragon you’ll find other accommodation options in the region such as
luxury/deluxe/budget tents and camps. Most of the tents and camps in the region are equipped with
facilities such as hot water supply 24/7, attached toilets, etc. You’ll also find homestays in the region.
Homestays are much affordable when compared to luxury tents and camps and allow you to get a sneak
peek of the local culture. The average cost of putting up in luxury tents is around Rs 3000 to Rs 5000
while the average cost of putting up at a homestay is around Rs 700 to Rs 1200 (per room basis). The

estimate of Leh Ladakh Tour Packages Cost from Bangalore should include the accommodation costs
Clothing matters
The clothing you wear can help you stay fit in the course of your Leh-Ladakh trip. Even in the summer
months, you may face chilly weather conditions high up there. So, clothe yourself wisely…layered
clothing can help you adjust your clothing to the weather fluctuations Leh-Ladakh is known for. Items
such as thermals or inner vests, windcheater jacket/fleece jacket, woolen sweatshirts, heavy woolen pull-
overs, warm woolen hoodies, trekking pants, 2-3 sets of jeans should be a part of your clothing for the
Leh-Ladakh Trip. Also, don’t forget the right kind of accessories. Accessorize your trip outfit with
insulated, weather-proof boots, a pair of goggles (to keep the glare away), hand gloves, hats or caps (for
sun protection), monkey caps (for guard icy winds), woolen socks.
Health issues you might face
As you move towards the higher altitudes the air thins out. This may lead to breathing issues for many. If
you are asthmatic you are advised to carry with you a small oxygen cylinder to avoid complications. One
good thing, however, is that in the higher altitudes there’ll be little or no pollutants or allergens in the air.
So, asthmatic conditions may not face the usual triggers. High altitudes may cause sudden spikes in
blood pressure. So, those with high blood pressure should avoid traveling to Leh-Ladakh. If your blood
pressure usually remains normal in the plains or with medication, the sudden blood pressure spike that
you may face in Leh-Ladakh is likely to subside after your body gets acclimatized to high altitudes and
low oxygen levels in the air. AMS or Acute Mountain Sickness is one issue that you are likely to fall prey
to in the region of Leh-Ladakh. Acclimatization can help in resolving the issue…here are some useful tips
to help you battle against AMS:
● Don't overexert yourself
● Sleeping upright helps
● Stay away from depressant drugs & addictions like tobacco, alcohol, etc
● Stay well hydrated but not overhydrated
● Avoid daytime sleep
● Clothe your body properly to keep yourself warm
● Eat a sufficient amount of carbs
● Carry an oxygen cylinder with you
● Carry AMS reversing medications
When AMS worsens, it can take the shape of Ataxia. If your AMS deteriorates to the level of Ataxia, you
will have no option but to descend right away.

Buses to Leh are available from Delhi, Manali, Srinagar. You could also avail taxis, cabs and bike rentals
to reach the interiors of Leh-Ladakh.
Skyway Tour brings for you the best Leh Ladakh tour packages which can be booked. Embark on
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