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The best places to visit in South India during monsoon (2019)

Best places to visit in South India during monsoon

Tired of the never-ending summer heat?  we have chosen the best places to visit in South India during the monsoon.

You might be spending most of your day trying to avoid the unforgiving heat of the sun, and we completely understand. As nice as it is being inside with an AC room protecting you from that intense heat, you miss out on fresh air, and still have to deal with the heat throughout the day. 

The heatwave currently moving through India is not only causing unbearable heat, but it is also giving rise to seasonal depression. The rejuvenating monsoon will reach North India a few weeks after it reaches the Southern areas of India, we highly recommend that you take out some time from your busy schedule and visit the best areas of Southern India to recharge yourself. 

Depending on what you want the focus to be, you can plan different things to be part of your trip.

Relax & unwind

Travel to the quiet and beautiful areas of Kerala and Karnataka to unwind in the presence of nature’s beauty. Why waste the unfolding of this new season while spending your days in a concrete jungle, when you could be in the arms of abundant greenery. 

Best places to visit in South India during monsoon

Head to the coffee heaven Coorg, or ‘the Scotland of India’ as some people know it, for a truly unique and memorable trip. One of the best hill stations to visit, this gorgeous wonder of nature is always a cool and refreshing vacation spot. So go ahead, pamper yourself and lounge in the finest luxury nature offers. The rolling hills, the deep wondrous valleys, the flowing rivers, trust me you do not want to miss the chance of visiting this wonder on earth.

As we talk of coffee, we cannot miss talking about Chikmagalur. Relax as the leisurely slow pace of this quaint hill station surrounds you. 

You can make your way to Munnar, the land of three rivers, and enjoy being pampered in beautiful accommodations as nature comes to a new life around you. Visit this small hill station and relax in the presence of architecture both old and modern. As the rains fall, you’ll see the charming colors of this town come to life right in front of your eyes, and we suggest that you take endless photographs to make your friends back home jealous of your good fortune 😉

If getting away from the daily grind is what you aim to do, you could even relax out in a houseboat! Spending some time in a houseboat can be a truly stress-free way to vacation. After all, it has everything you need for a truly resplendent vacation. Want a beautiful view? It is all around you! Want your own private vacation house? You have it!

Alleppy Kerala

If you want beaches, head to the spice bowl of Kerala and allow yourself to be charmed as everything you want is taken care of in a beach resort. Spend your days in the lap of luxury and take a deep breath as the air itself speaks of the new seasons ahead. 

While you are in the South, don’t miss a visit to Mysore, Ooty, and Kodaikanal. These hill stations have their own unique charms, and you will not find more beautiful settings to relax in! 

Both Kerala and Karnataka are amazing places to visit as the rains bring freshness and new life to the world around you. So what are you waiting for? Let us help you choose the best vacation that fits what you desire. 

Ditch the heat, come join us in South India and breathe as the very air becomes full of new life and joy. 

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