Best family holiday destinations in India

Best family holiday destinations in India


Holidaying with your family is always fun. You’ll have your kids and maybe, your aged parents to traveling with you. Thankfully, our country India is blessed with a plethora of amazing destinations worth visiting with family. and one of the best places to visit with family. From the majestic Himalayas in the north to the land of magnificent temples in the South; from the shimmering Rann of Kutch in the West to the wave-lashed shores in the east, our country is home to innumerable gorgeous destinations touring which could give both you & your family memories of a lifetime!

In other words, if you pick places to visit with family you can make a long list of popular destinations worth exploring…Skywaytour has painstakingly crafted a number of exciting family holiday packages to make your family trips truly special. Given below are some of the best family holiday destinations in India you could consider visiting:



Srinagar, the capital of Jammu & Kashmir sits at the apex of our country with crowning glory. The metaphor ‘Heaven on Earth’ is popularly used to tell the tale of Srinagar’s beauty. And truly enough, Srinagar is indeed an epitome of paradisiacal beauty on earth. Mesmerizing scenic vistas, the pellucid Dal, the ornate House Boats, the luxuriously designed Mughal Gardens, the mosques & temples, the crafts & culture all contribute to making Srinagar one of the most preferred family tourist destinations in India. Traveling to Srinagar with the family will indeed be a rewarding experience for all of you!


places to visit with family

This beautiful hill station of Uttarakhand set around the famed Naini Lake is another preferred family tour destination in India. In the summer months, this hill station receives an influx of tourists from every nook & corner of the country. The hill station’s unique charm consists of everything ranging from boating to sailing, wildlife exploration to heritage buildings and more. In other words, Nainital is indeed a destination not to be missed at all!


Best family holiday destinations in India

Ooty; a picturesque hill station in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu is the dream of every travel lover. The mystic Blue Mountains of Ooty, the pristine landscapes and lush green meadows of Ooty beckon the passionate travelers quietly & softly. The natural beauty of Ooty and its pleasant weather can put you in a mood to revel with your family and spend the best time in the lap of nature.



Puri, a seaside & holy temple city in the state of Orissa is home to the famous Jagannath Temple, one of the holiest temples in the country. Your parents will love to pay tribute to Lord Jagannath and seek blessings for the entire family. The Puri beach is perfect for lazing away, for strolling and spending a quality family time amid chit-chats. Also, you can go for a shopping spree to take home gifts and souvenirs for your friends and relatives.

Delhi & Agra

Delhi and agra

The country’s capital city; Delhi has a heart of its own. From bustling shopping malls to historical monuments, from colorful Mughal Gardens to important administrative buildings Delhi has myriad personalities making it a unique family destination. Also, Delhi stands out as the gateway to Northern India. In vicinity to Delhi, lies another important family destination; Agra. Agra stands for the country’s rich past & architectural opulence. It houses the Taj Mahal; one of the ‘7 Wonders of the World’. Fatehpur Sikri and Agra Fort are the other two major not-to-be-missed historical landmarks in the city of Agra. A family trip to Delhi & Agra can allow your kids to learn about the country’s rich historical past.


Mumbai; the Business Capital of India is a unique paradox of many colors & flavors. The city had been witness to many significant events associated with India’s Freedom Movement. The city greets everything with open arms and makes it it’s own. From Bollywood Superstars to aspiring actors struggling to get a place on the Silver Screen, from fisherman villages to slum areas, from Portuguese & European colonies to middle-class pay-to-pay dwellers, the city of Mumbai undoubtedly boasts of different tales of human survival. A family trip to Mumbai can allow you to explore the city’s unique cultural fabric that beautifully blends hope and chaos, squalor and glamour, tradition and modernity. Your children can have a fun time at the city’s best amusement parks such as the Water Kingdom, Essel World, Snow World. 


view of chikmagalur

Alleppey in ‘God’s own country’, Kerala is often called the ‘Venice of the East’. Alleppey has an intricate network of Coconut Palm-fringed backwaters that are flanked by lush green paddy fields too. Alleppey, in fact, stands for the true charm of Kerala…it has much more to offer than what meets the eyes. An exotic houseboat stay, cruising lazily across the backwaters, sampling local delicacies like Stew & Appams, watching the famous Kerala boat racing or Kathakali dance performance are some of the activities you could undertake during your enjoyable family trip to Kerala.

Skywaytour has a number of family packages to choose from. So, pack your bags & get ready to set out for any of the above-mentioned places to visit with family. It’s time to reconnect & re-bond with family during a wonderful holiday trip!


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