Summer Travel Packing Tips

How to prepare for travel in the summer

Summers are not just about taking afternoon naps in an air-conditioned room or feasting on ice
creams, popsicles, and lemonades. Summers are also about traveling to make the most out of
the summer recess that your kid’s school has…when schools of children close down for the
temporary summer break, the first thing that comes to your mind probably is taking a break from
daily chores/profession and going out for an enjoyable summer holiday with family.
Summertime is holiday time for most Indians…they’ll make a beeline to hill stations to beat the
summer heat or will plan to chill out in some beach destination. But, summers can be
devastating at times especially if you aren’t prepared well with the right kind of heat beating
defense. When you are out in the sun, you are always at the risk of getting painful sunburns,
heat rashes and may even encounter something as dangerous as dehydration or sunstroke. To
make summertime travel simple, stress-free and enjoyable, here are some best summer travel
tips that might come handy…

Summer Travel Packing Tips


Summer Travel Packing Tips

Summer Travel Packing Tips

You might want to pack in all the good clothes you have but wait…that isn’t a smart thing to do.
Packing heavy will leave you damn tired as you’ll be walking under the harsh sun. So, pack light
but make sure to keep the summer essentials in your travel bag while packing. The summer
essentials include:

● Breathable cotton clothes
● Moisture-wicking T-Shirts (to keep discomfort due to perspiration at bay)
● Lightweight jackets (for ambiances where air conditioners run on a high)
● Sunglasses (to guard your eyes against irritation due to sun’s extreme heat)
● Broad beamed Hat/Cap (to guard your face against sunburns)
● Sunscreen cream/lotion with minimum SPF of ‘50’ (to prevent sunburns and bad tan)
● Flip-flops (for beachside vacation)

Summer Travel Skincare Tips

Travelling implies that you’ll be clicking photos endlessly…and obviously, you would want to
look your best. But, the harsh rays of the sun may play the spoilsport. Exposure to the sun may
cause tanning and sunburns. Sun exposure may also cause increased production of sebum and
make your face appear dull, greasy and dirty. Washing face with cold water on the go is a good
idea but you may not always have access to the cold water supply when you are traveling …so,

you could try cleaning your face with wet facial wipes/tissues alternately. Splattering your skin
with sunscreen is a must if you wish to avoid sunburns…do not wear heavy makeup. Makeup
may cake due to sweat build up making you look like a bloodless specter… therefore, use
nothing other than a lightweight, and aqua-based foundation.

Summer Travel Road Safety Tips

You may choose to drive your car all by yourself during your summer tour. One of the most
important summer travel safety tips on the road is taking frequent breaks in between the drive.
In the summer months, you tend to get fatigued easily due to an increased rate of perspiration.
Driving with a fatigued body may affect your on-road alertness and lead to bad accidents. So,
take breaks in between long drives to rest for a while. Also, be extra-careful about the road
ahead of you while driving. Almost all schools are likely to have summer holidays…there’ll be
kids playing on the road at times. So, make sure you don’t run them over.

Summer Travel cleanliness Tips

In the summer months, you would sweat a lot especially when you are traveling under the
scorching heat. Sweat and oil attract dust and grime…playing and rolling on the sandy beach
could worsen things. Regular washing of clothes and bathing with soap and water is a must to
help you keep unwanted skin issues, infections and body odor at bay. Travel clean, fresh &
fragrant this summer!

Summer Travel Dress up Tips

Going on a vacation means following your fashion whims freely without any sort of restriction.
But, if it’s summertime, you need to pay heed to what you are wearing. Wear comfortable,
breathable garments to allow free flow of air between your skin and the fabric. Never wear tight-
fitting clothes while traveling in summers. Sunglasses, umbrellas and caps/hats should be a
part of your ensemble when you are all set to be out in the sun!

Summer Travel Money-saving Tips

Go to offbeat destinations that aren’t much crowded in the summers. Hotel and sightseeing
costs in the offbeat destinations will be much lower when compared to popular, crowded
summer destinations. Also, while booking check for the hottest offseason deals some hotels will
be offering. Furthermore, traveling within your state could help you cut travel costs to some

Summer Travel Energy-boosting tips

Feeling fatigued and suffering from low energy levels is a common thing in the summertime.
Your fatigue may interfere with your sightseeing schedule. So, take all precautionary measures
to keep fatigued away. Drink ample water. That powerful ‘H20’ can replenish lost water (through
sweating) from your body and boost your energy levels. Apart from plain water, you could try
drinking lemonades and tender coconut water to check electrolyte imbalances and keep

yourself thoroughly hydrated while you are on the go. Snacking on glucose biscuits and dry
fruits is another good way to recharge yourself on a hot, sultry day.
Summer Travel Eating-out Tips

When you are traveling, you must be conscious about what you are eating especially when it is
summertime. In the summers, your digestive system may not agree with the heat-generating
spicy food and stomach upsets are likely to occur. Indigestion and stomach upsets may be very
embarrassing when you are traveling. So, stay away from spicy food during your summer
holidays. Furthermore, never consume uncovered, cut fruits and veggies. Fruits and veggies
that have been sliced long back may turn out to be the perfect breeding ground for germs. So,
consume only the freshly cut fruits & veggies.

Summer Travel Accommodation choosing Tips

Summer Travel Accommodation choosing Tips
Choosing your accommodation wisely is one of the most important summer travel tips. It is
best to opt for air-conditioned rooms if you could afford it. That would let you rest comfortably
and soothe your tired muscles after a day with lots of traveling, sightseeing, and activities. But, if
you don’t have sufficient cash flow, you could opt for a south-facing room in the hotel you have
checked in. The room you choose should have large windows to let in air. Never go for small,
dingy rooms with no windows…dingy rooms may cause you lots of suffocation and discomfort
especially when it’s summertime.

Schedule sightseeing wisely

Sightseeing is a part of holidaying. But, when the sun is beating down with all its might, it could
be difficult for you to go around. So, try to schedule most of your sightseeing for the early
mornings or early evenings.

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