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Top Things to do in India

Top Things to do in India

The land of peacocks and the big cats; India is a treasure trove of endless possibilities. From the snow-capped flower laden vistas of Kashmir to the blue waters of Kanyakumari to the endless parties in Goa and the spiritual chants of Varanasi….India offers so much variety that choosing the top activities is a real challenge. Here are some of the things that can help you create amazing Indian vacay memories.

Top things to do in India



A Himalayan Adventure

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The route that winds through Kinnaur, Lahaul and Spiti Valleys (the path starts near Shimla and ends in Manali).  This is a spectacular relatively untouched route that winds through the villages of Dhankar, Kalpa, Kibber, Nako, Kaza, Ki and Kibber. On the way, you will see ancient Tibetan temples, bursts of exotic flowers, villages with pure and simple life and stately mountains that defy all definitions of beauty. If you have time devote at least 10 days and complete the whole mountain hiking route.

The Taj in Moonlight

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This is a uniquely Indian experience….seeing the worlds prettiest mausoleum swathed in the moonlight is an episode you will not get anywhere else. The gorgeous Taj Mahal (one of the 7 wonders of the world) looks beautiful every day but on moonlit nights it takes on a fairy-tale character. You will almost feel afraid of touching it lest its glorious white walls are soiled. The perfectly landscaped gardens and the serene Yamuna River flowing by provides a worthy backdrop. And if you are there during the Taj Mahotsav….this happens for 10 days in February then you will get to see many cultural events too.

Go Partying in Goa

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Arguably one of the best party zones in the world this erstwhile Portuguese colony offers sun, sand, frolic and a delicious succession of beaches. The backpacking friendly Aramco beach, the party haven Baga beach, the serene Palolem, the hippy chic Anjuna or the complacent Mandrem…. Goa offers something perfect for everyone. .shifting through Goa’s beaches while sipping on its cashew drink Feni and munching on seafood is every traveler’s definition of a happy holiday.

Enjoy the beauty of the world’s largest salt desert

The majestic Rann of Kutch is an enormous salt marsh in the Thar desert in Kutch district of Gujarat. Unique indigenous villages filled with different strains of the Kutchi tribes occupy this salt marsh and they produce some of the finest handicrafts in India. Exploring the Rann of Kutch is a nature and cultural adventure!! And if you happen to be at the Rann of Kutch between Decembers to March then maybe you can participate in the famous Rann Utsav. Lots of special tours that sensitize tourists towards the folk dance, cuisine, handicraft and music of Gujarat happen here. And if you are truly adventurous participate in an exciting activity like a night camel safari that lets you view the silver sands swathed in starlight.

Take a Soul Dip at Kanyakumari

When your Indian adventure starts off at the northern tip of India it should end at the southern tip. Perched at the extreme tip of India and flanked by the Lakshadweep Sea as well as the Western Ghats; Kanyakumari represents a fusion of culture, religion, and art in a potent cocktail that’s impossible to resist. The beaches of the city are the only beaches in the world where you can see both the sunrise as well as the sunset!!!

Now that you have had a taste of the mystique and gorgeous variation that lies in the lands of India what’s stopping you from packing your bags!!!

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